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Spot The 9 Problems With This House ( Advice For New Homeowners )


You’ve closed on your first home. You got your keys. You got your rose-colored glasses. When you’re a new homeowner, excitement, optimism, and simply not-knowing-what you-don’t-know can make you look right past big problems in plain sight.

Discover some advice for new homeowners with this illustration of a home that has nine maintenance problems. Can you spot all nine?

Find out if you’re right. Here are the answers:

#1 Tree Limbs Leaning Over the House

Yes, trees are lovely and shady, and they keep your house out of the sun. But they can also break off in a storm and fall on your house faster than you can say, “Hello, insurance company, there’s a hole in my roof!”

Those limbs can be a highway into your home for pests like raccoons and squirrels who might end up nesting in your attic or gnawing electrical wires. So keep limbs trimmed at least six feet above the house.

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